A number of examples of what CMS can do - and how - is available from the CMS website: http://www.gwtsoft.com/

A couple of Group Delay examples are shown below:

Example 1:
Ku band filter with equalized group delay response. Max group delay variation within 100 MHz sub-band is 0.8 ns.

The group delay response is obtained by placing 3 pairs of complex transmission zeroes across the pass band (14.00 to 14.9 GHz).
A non equalized example is shown in Example 2

Example 2:
A Ku band filter as in Example 1, but without complex transmission zeroes.This filter only needs 9 poles to achieve the same isolation above 15.1 GHz. The group delay variation within the 14.4 to14.9 GHz passband is, however, considerably higher in the non-equalized filter (approx. 3.5 times).

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