Input Section - Monte-Carlo analysis

Sensitivity analysis  may be performed on the couplings in the coupling matrix.

By selecting the "Plot Using Coupling Matrix" button, a Monte-Carlo input field appears in the input field to the left.


Input field for Monte-Carlo analysis:

  • Coupling Coefficient. 
    Select the coefficient which you want to sensitivity anlyze. This can be done either by selecting the coefficient (right-click) in the coupling matrix or from the drop-down list in the Monte-Carlo input field.
    Select either a single coefficient
    for analysis - or All coefficients.
    The self-couplings (elements in the main-diagonal) can not be selected.
  • Variation.
    Only "Uniform" variation may be applied. The selected coefficient will be subjected to a random distribution within the chosen percentage range. "Normal" distribution is not implemented in SW ver. 3.0.
  • Sweeps.
    Number of curve traces to be plottet on top of each other.
The Monte-Carlo analysis is started by clicking the "Run" button.
The plot window may be reset or cleared by selecting the "Reset" button.
An ongoing Monte-Carlo analysis may be stopped by selecting the "Break" button.
Marker Lines and Mouse Cursor read-out refer to the original undisturbed characteristic.


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