Output Section - Graphs/Markers

To read out curve values from the graphs three methods are implemented: Mouse-curser read-out, Marker Lines and Marker Line Readout
Mouse-cursor read-out:
If the mouse cursor is positioned at a point close to a curve (without activating any buttons) the curve value and frequency are displayed for that particular point.
Marker Lines:
By activating a mouse button while dragging the mouse - a marker line appears (green vertical lines). By releasing the mouse button the marker-line is inserted on the graph and the curve values at the intersections are displayed. 
Before the mouse button is released the marker-line text field may be best positioned along the marker-line.  

An unlimited number of marker-lines may be inserted. A marker-line is deleted by clicking the mouse anywhere along the line.

Marker Line Readout:
Below the plot window the marker line readings are displayed in the 'Marker Readout' pane.

It is possible to hide the marker boxes in the plot window by activating the 'Hide' radio button - a nice feature when many marker lines are inserted.

Marker lines can be moved by entering a new value in the frequency field for the marker box in question.

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