Output Section - Graphs

The graphical output from the Coupling Matrix Synthesis program is arranged as a number of tabbed panes, each displaying a certain combination of filter characteristics.
There are tabs for displaying the following parameters:
  • S-parameters, S11 (dB) and S21 (dB)
  • S-parameters, S11 (phase) and S21 (phase)
  • S-parameter, S21 (dB) and Group Delay
  • S-parameter, S21 (dB) and Deviation from linear phase
  • S-parameters, S21 (dB) and S21 (phase)
  • Loaded Q or equivalent stored energy (nJ/W) for each resonator
  • S-parameters (dB, angle) + group delay in tabular form vs. frequency 
S21 in dB versus group delay.


The 'hump' around the center frequency in the group delay characteristic, is the result of a pair of complex transmission zeroes.
Phase of S21 and S11.






The graphs can be arranged by changing the values on the axes.
Curve values can be red out by inserting markers.

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